The CPI (M) has warned, the Congress with “soft Hindutva tactics” that cannot defeat the BJP in the elections.

An editorial in CPI-M journal, ‘People’s Democracy’ said that “If the Congress thinks it can defeat the BJP by … soft Hindutva tactics, it is mistaken.”

The CPI-M said that the elections in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan saw the Congress conduct an election campaign that was a pale echo of the Hindutva platforms in some respects.

The editorial reads, “The attempt to prove that the Congress was genuinely more Hindu than the BJP witnessed a flurry of temple visits by Rahul Gandhi in the three states; the manifesto of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh talked of ‘gaushalas’, commercial sale of ‘gau mutra’ and building a ‘Ram Van Gaman Path Yatra’.”

“In Rajasthan, the manifesto promised the setting up of an education board to propagate Vedic values. In the campaign, there was a palpable reluctance to speak out against the lynchings of Muslims like the killing of Pehlu Khan,” it added.

Regardless, the BJP will have to face electoral reverse in these three states “because the people have voted on issues such as jobs, farmers’ distress, lack of basic amenities and corruption,” said that CPI-M editorial.

It also said that various mass struggles have offers a democratic and secular alternative “alone can counter the BJP-RSS game plan and effectively foil it.”

“The mobilization of the working people … and the numerous struggles and movements taking place around the country stand in stark contrast to the communal mobilization being undertaken on the Ram temple issue at Ayodhya,” added the People’s Democracy.

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