On Wednesday, the ruling party Congress sought a view of its workers over the possibility of a tie-up with it. A senior party leader AAP on Thursday said over the matter that the party will fight the Lok Sabha o the issue of full statehood and claimed that it is late now for conversation related to an alliance in Delhi.
The Lok Sabha election is going to start on April 11 and will continue till May 19. On March 12, there will be polling on seven seats in Delhi.
Senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Gopal Rai questioned the official stand of the BJP on the issue and alleged that the leaders of the party are making controversial statement on the matter as they are “rattled by the AAP’s movement towards attaining full statehood” for Delhi.
“What is BJP’s official stand on granting full statehood to Delhi. We want an answer to that. On one hand, Tiwari says it will not be granted to Delhi while Goel says full statehood would not be given as long as Kejriwal is the chief minister,” Mr. Rai said.
“There is a very big challenge in front of the country and it is late now (for an alliance). After the official statement of the Congress, AAP thought if Congress is moving towards helping BJP, we need to stop the BJP and based on that we announced our candidates and launched our campaign following that,” he added.
Mr. Rai told the reporters that “AAP has moved ahead with the agenda of full statehood and alliance is not an agenda for the AAP.”
Sanjay Singh, the AAP leader stated that the Congress is in a “confused state”.
“I think the Congress is in a confused state and they are not able to decide when or what decision should be taken. The biggest challenge in front of the country is to stop the politics of hatred by the BJP,” Mr. Singh stated.
According to the sources Congress is ready for an alliance with AAP but they have to leave Delhi, Chandni Chowk and North West seats for the Congress.

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