Jyotiraditya Scindia, a former Congress leader has decided to join the BJP at an event in Delhi later this evening. The leader strongly criticized the BJP during the violence that consumed parts of Delhi last month.

On February 26, three days after violence over the CAA law, Mr Scindia tweeted, “The situation in Delhi today is the result of a huge failure of duty on the part of the state and central governments. What took them so long to respond to the situation?”

The capital of India became a battlefield and 50 people died and hundreds injured in the riot. Schools, homes and shops were vandalised and set on fire, as goons defied police orders and roamed the streets armed with lathis, iron rods and, in some cases, guns.

The BJP and the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi blamed each other for the violence. “BJP leaders have got to stop spreading the politics of hate. Need both governments to work together and put an end to this before it’s too late!” he tweeted last month.

According to sources, Mr Scindia will be rewarded for his joining the BJP with a Rajya Sabha nomination and later a Union Cabinet post. Himanta Biswa Sarma, one of the main leader of BJP in the northeast has welcomed Mr Scindia. This morning, the Congress expelled Mr Scindia after he sent a resignation letter to Sonia Gandhi. 

“A great #Holi this is!” he wrote.

“Heartening to see old colleague, & very dynamic Sri @JM_Scindia having come to the fold of @BJP4India, a party that’s a rangoli of all colours & believes in taking everyone along. We shall have a great time together #JyotiradityaScindia ji.#MadhyaPradesh,” the former Congress leader tweeted.

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