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In Chhattisgarh, Congress won its biggest victory in this round of Assembly Elections, also has more than one contender for the top job. However, unlike Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh- where a huge tussle is on between two political leaders- the process to choose a Chief Ministerial candidate is progressing smoothly in the state.

Congress wins over BJP in Chhattisgarh at 68-seats, out of the 90-seats- it’s a most crucial victory in the Hindi heartland over the center-ruling BJP, which has only secured 15-seats.

TS Singh Deo has argued that the victory on such a scale that would not have been possible had been the party divided in the state.

However, insiders of the party have said that it is not Mr. Singh but Chhattisgarh Congress Chief Bhupesh Baghel, who is likely to get the job. Insiders said that they are considering supporting for him.

Congress follows textbook procedure to select Chhattisgarh Chief Minister |

On Thursday, a political fight took place outside the house of Mr. Baghel, where Congress supporters had gathered, waiting to hear Delhi’s pick for the post of the Chief Minister. It is also not known that who were involved in it.

57-years-old Bhupesh Baghel has signaled that he is ready to take up any responsibility that the party offers him. A senior Congress leader RP Singh said that the central observer Mallikarjun Kharge had come to Raipur on Wednesday and spoke to the legislators, singly and also in groups. Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi has also contacted the legislator via the Shakti App and added that “the high command will take a decision.”

Asked who would be the state Chief Minister, Mr. Singh continued that “you are free to guess since we stand for freedom of the media… I can only say that Rahul Gandhi will make the final decision.”

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