Congress attacks PM Modi said, “taking Lord Jagannath’s name won’t get you votes” - TNBCLive

With Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and his party not figuring in PM Modi’s scorching speech against the government of Odisha, on Tuesday, Congress said that the “secret lies” between BJD and BJP has been exposed.

However, the spokesman of the state-ruling BJD (Biju Janata Dal) P K Deb has rejected the OPCC’s (Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee) allegation, which claims that the party had all along “maintained equidistant from both the BJP and the Congress.”

On Monday, during his visit to Odisha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed a political rally in Khurda, where he accused the Odisha government without directly mentioning the state Chief Minister of BJD.

OPCC Chief Niranjan Patnaik has introduced a scorching attack on PM Modi and CM Patnaik, charges both of adopting an anti-farmer attitude and tried to fool the people by making false promises before the forthcoming 2019 General Elections.

He told the source that “Modi’s recent visit to Odisha has made it clear that the BJP and the BJD have an anti-farmer stance and they share secret ties.”

PM Modi had unveiled a slew of projects and had introduced a stamp and a coin to commemorate the Paika Rebellion of 1817 during his day-long visit to Odisha.

The OPCC Chief continued, “Modi ji had taken the name of Lord Jagannath several times during his speech which is not acceptable,” the OPCC president said adding “using the name of the lord for votes will not yield results.”

“They (Modi and Naveen Patnaik) are simply trying to fool the people of Odisha… Both PM and CM have betrayed the people,” added Mr. Patnaik.

He further said that “Naveen Babu had promised that all blocks will get at least 35 percent of irrigation. Has it been done even in a single block out of the 314 in the state? He thinks people of Odisha are fools.”

Rejecting all the charges, Mr. Deb said that both BJP and Congress makes same allegations against the state-ruling BJD.

Mr. Deb continued, “While Congress says that we are with BJP, the saffron party leaders also make similar charges. In fact, BJD maintains equal distance from both the national parties.”

BJP further dismissed the allegations that were made by Congress with Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, which stressed that the Prime Minister of India was “polite, but critical.”

Mr. Pradhan continued, “The Prime Minister’s words were polite but critical. The PM raised chit fund, PC (percentage commission), inefficiencies, poor nutrition and sanitation issues.”

Mr. Pradhan said that BJP will introduce a campaign across the state from today, will question the Odisha government on distinct issues.

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