Since the of having a shocking defeat in Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi, Rahul Gandhi returned to his home base Amethi today. Mr. Gandhi lost to BJP candidate Smriti Irani from a constituency that he had elected him since 2004. “My relationship with Amethi is personal. I will never leave Amethi,” the Congress leader told workers.

After the defeat in Amethi, which has always been loyal to the Nehru-Gandhi family, wanted to resign as Congress President and suggested his party for a non-Gandhi chief. Rahul Gandhi made it to parliament only because he won from his second constituency, Wayanad in Kerala.

In a video shared by a worker, it was seen Mr. Gandhi promising not to abandon his three-time Lok Sabha seat. “I may be the MP of Wayanad but I will keep coming here. Please do not think I will not come here. I will keep on coming,” said the Congress leader to 300-odd party workers.

Coming Here Is Like Coming Home, Rahul Gandhi After Returning Amethi |

The Congress leaders were accused of neglecting Amethi and not visiting his constituency enough. He after coming there said He tweeted “I am very happy to be here in Amethi. Coming to Amethi feels like coming home.” Former gram pradhan Ganga Prasad today came to meet Mr. Gandhi amid heavy rain.

“They have to start listening to the workers on the ground and the poor. Those who are indulging in netagiri … they should be cast aside,” said Ganga Prasad.

“Smriti Irani was always accessible. Even when she lost, she used to come here regularly. Even after she won the election, she has come here three times,” Mr. Singh said. During the meeting, 50 Congress workers were not allowed to attend the meeting by Mr. Gandhi’s security as they were late. The workers tried reasoning with them saying that it was raining heavily but weren’t allowed in.

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