“Chuhe Kha Gaye ” Courts are Told During the Hearing of Narcotic Cases: Supreme Court - TNBCLive

Supreme court said on Thursday in the time of hearing of narcotic cases the court came to know that rats had eaten the seized drugs by Delhi police. The top court also questioned that why the sized vehicles lie at the police stations day after day and are not sold if nobody claims the ownership even after a number of years.

Delhi Police stated that in four weeks a policy of disposing of the seized vehicles and materials would be framed for removing the congestion at the city police station due to accumulated sized materials.

The judicial bench said, “ In NDPS (Narcotic  Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act) cases, 3-4 years later when the cases come up in court, nothing (seized drugs) is left in the malkhana and the police say that ‘ Chuhe Kha Gaye’ .” In police stations, the materials seized by the police during any crime investigation are stored in the rooms named ‘ Malkhana’.

The judicial bench suspected that in most of the narcotic smuggling cases,   more amount of drugs are smuggled from the malkhana of police station rather than outside.

The bench claimed that most of the seized vehicles accumulated in the police stations were used in crime or part of stolen materials. As nobody comes to claim the ownership of those materials and vehicles the bench asked the police to frame the policy for disposing of those seized accumulated vehicles and materials.

The judicial bench questioned Pinky Anand the Additional Solicitor General who appeared for the Delhi Police, “ Is it necessary to keep seized two-wheelers and cars in the police stations.”

The ASG ordered the Delhi Police for taking permission from the concerned courts before removing such accumulated seized vehicles.

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