China Proposed to extend fresh invitation to Bangla CM Mamata Banerjee

China Proposed to extend fresh invitation to Bangla CM Mamata Banerjee

A senior Chinese official today detailed the proposal of his country, which is to extend the invitation to visit China Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was re-invited. Therefore, they proposed to her the dates for the visit to China, which is being worked out.

Earlier Ms. Banerjee had a plan to visit China in June but she at the last moment on June 22, abruptly canceled the trip.

She attributed the canceling of the China trip to “non-confirmation of political meetings at the appropriate level.” CM Banerjee was to address to session with CEOs of Chinese firms in Shanghai for the purpose to invite them to invest in Bangla.

The Consulate General of China, Ma Zhanwu is Kolkata expressed that Ms. Banerjee’s visit to China was abruptly canceled due to “some technical reasons.”

Mr. Zhanwu further reports to Kolkata reporters that “but we are hoping that the future visit will happen. The dates are being worked out.” He continued that both the nations require educational and cultural exchanges to enhance better understanding and he supports rejoices Salt Lake’s ‘Durga Puja’ in Kolkata, where Chinese artists would like to participate.

Mr. Zhanwu further stated that “West Bengal is not much-known to Chinese people, unlike other western parts of India. Kolkata was very-well known to Chinese people earlier. But that is not the case now. There is a problem of misperception.”

by Banani Sarkar on August 17, 2018

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