Last week in the Chhattisgarh capital, a reporter was allegedly attacked by the BJP supporters. After the incident on Wednesday, the journalists went to take the interview of one of the leader of BJP wearing helmets. The journalists gathered in Raipur with a mic in their hands, cameras on their shoulder and helmet on head.

The journalists said that they wanted to send a symbolic message to the BJP government by wearing helmet that they are ready to defend if they are attacked again.

Suman Pandey, a journalist who works with a news agency went to record a meeting on Saturday, of the BJP’s district-level leaders in Raipur when he was allegedly attacked by the party supporters. They suddenly attacked him and jumped over him making him seriously injured on his head.

Later the victim lodged a complaint against the four BJP functionaries along with the Raipur party chief Rajeev Agarwal and the police officials arrested all of them in the case.

Mr. Pandey said to the reporters that “I was recording a video of the meeting on my mobile phone when suddenly BJP leaders started arguing among themselves over some issue. Rajeev Agarwal and another person, Utkarsh Trivedi, told me to delete the video of the scuffle, which I refused. They then started hitting me and forcefully deleted the video.”

“I was made to sit inside the meeting room for about 20 minutes. When I came out, I told other journalists about the incident,” he added.

Sacchidanand Upasane, the BJP spokesperson of Chhattisgarh who was also present in the meeting claimed that being closed-door meeting to discuss the defeat in recent assembly election the journalists were asked to leave the meeting and that the party leaders and workers were also requested to switch off their mobile. He also said that the party has apologized for the incident.


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