Centre to Provide Red, Orange & Green Zones List, Says People Have To Learn To Live With Virus - TNBCLive

The central government announced today that it will provide a fresh list of every district and the Red, Green and Orange zones. Senior Health Ministry official Lav Agarwal, said the  report will be  based on different categories of districts under different coronavirus zones. He said the country will have to learn with the virus.

“Red-Green-Orange zones depend on active cases, doubling rate and the number of tests. We are going to provide a revised list to the states. Two days back, the doubling rate was 12 days. But we saw doubling rates have reduced with spikes in cases,” he said.

“Some states have shown a spike in the number of cases. It is important for us to ensure that we strengthen our efforts in associating with the states. We have to ensure that guidelines are followed in the field,” he added.

Talking about the coronavirus lockdown, he said “Today, it is important that when we are talking of relaxations and return of migrant workers, then there is a big challenge in front of us which we have to understand. We have to also learn to live with the virus. And when we are talking about learning to live with the virus, then the preventive guidelines against the virus need to be implemented as a behavioural change.” 

“We should determine how the cases are developing. We have doubling rate at 10 days. We have to figure out which states and cities have a lesser doubling rate. We coordinate with the states to increase the doubling rate and plan to reduce the number of cases. A failure in even one area, will mar our collective effort,” he added.

Arvind Kejiriwal, the Chief Minister of  Delhi urged the centre to ease the lockdown in Delhi and said people would have to learn to live with the virus. In the last 24 hours, India has recorded 3,390 new coronavirus cases and 103 deaths. The  total number of  cases in the country now stands at 56,342 and deaths to 1886.

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