Centre received 141 harassment complaints in 2017, 45 inclined - TNBCLive

Central Ministry has received more than 141 sexual harassment complaints since the last year, out of which 45 have been inclined, informed the Rajya Sabha today.

Finance Ministry has received the highest number of complaints, which is followed by the Communication Ministry, Defence Ministry at 16, reports the Minister of State for the Women and Child Development Ministry, Virendra Kumar.

Mr. Kumar continued that out of 141 complaints, 45 of them have already been disposed of.

Railway Ministry has received 14 complaints, and the Women and Child Development Ministry received 12 complaints, added the Minister of State Mr. Kumar.

Meanwhile, the number of sexual assault complaints received in the private sectors is 169, since the last year, of which 29 have been inclined.

Maharashtra has received the highest number of complaints at 33, said Mr. Kumar adding that all the central ministries and the government department have been asked to arrange workshops and awareness programmes related to sexual assault at respective workplaces and legal provisions and redressed mechanisms as well.

Virendra Kumar further said, “Besides, all state governments/Union Territories administrations have also been requested to advise their secretaries of Industries and Commerce departments to organize similar workshops and awareness programmes in industries, business houses and private sector entities in the states/UTs.”

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