CBI Special Court will give verdict in Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case on December 21 - TNBCLive

In Mumbai, a Special CBI Court will give its verdict in the fake encounter case of Sohrabuddin Sheikh on December 21. Mr. Sheik, who was a petty criminal, was shot dead near Gujarat’s Gandhinagar in November 2005 by Gujarat Policeman, who accused him of being a terrorist. His wife, Kausar Bi was also shot dead over the suspect. Tulsiram Prajapati was accompanying the couple and later became a main eyewitness to the crime, was also killed next year.

The investigation reveals that the shot out were meant to silence the men, who were acting in an extortion racket that the Police of 3 major states- Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat- was running out at the demand of their political leaders.

BJP Nationalist Chief Amit Shah was discharged in 2014 over the case. However, CBI had said its decision, which is not to challenge the discharged that was granted to Mr. Shah was “reasonable” and “conscious” move.

A Trial Court has also discharged Gujarat’s former anti-terrorism squad Chief DG Vanzara along with four others, all were Policeman from Rajasthan and Gujarat, in the fake encounter case of Sohrabuddin Shaikh.

However, the names of more than 22 Policemen are still linked over the case, for which verdict will be announced later this month.

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