CBI reports, Christian Michel is not cooperating and gets extended days of custody - TNBCLive

The CBI custody of the alleged ‘middleman’ Christian Michel in the AgustaWestland helicopter deal has been extended by 5-days by the Special Court. The CBI is interrogating the British National Mr. Michel in the Rs. 3600 crore VVIP chopper deal had asked for 9-days citing “non-cooperation”.

An officer told the special court that “He has been evasive in giving answers during interrogation.”

Mr. Michel’s lawyer had opposed the plea of CBI for further custody says that the agency has no framed evidence against the accused ‘middleman’. A fresh request for bail of Mr. Michel has also been registered.

However, CBI has agreed to offer consular access to the alleged man. The Special court judge said that “We have allowed their plea of keeping their own counsel” and has fixed 30 minutes each in morning and evening for his counsel.

He had been on the run from Indian authorities in UAE for more than a year and India had put in an extradition request in March 2017 for Christian Michel.

54-years-old Michel is one of the three accused ‘middlemen’, who is under investigation over the charges of arranging bribes for politicians and bureaucrats to push the VVIP chopper deal in India when UPA government was in power. The deal also involved 12 luxury choppers from AgustaWestland.

Stay tuned for further details.

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