Today, a BJP worker and advocate Rajesh Kumar was permitted by the Delhi Court to withdraw defamation complaint against Congress leader Digvijaya Singh for his comment alleging that “BJP and Bajrang Dal are taking money from Pakistan’s notorious spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).”

He was also allowed to  withdraw the defamation complaint by Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal. On November 13 another defamation case filed by Ashwini Kumar, in-charge of the legal cell of Purvanchal Morcha of the BJP Delhi Pradesh, will be heard.

In his complaint Mr. Kumar said that Digvijaya Singh in an interview to the media had said that “BJP and Bajrang Dal are taking money from Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence”. The show was broadcasted on television by several new channels.

The complainant said he was “pained” with the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister’s statement. “Such defamatory words, when spoken by someone in power and position and influential leader of the Congress, resulted in much more damage to the organisations, communities and individuals concerned,” he added.

The BJP worker alleged that Mr Singh made the remark intentionally to “embarrass and defame” the BJP. “The accused, as it appears from the precedents, seems to be habitual of committing such offences. He appears to be a loudmouth and has a history of making controversial statements without any basis,” the complainant added.

Mr Singh had said while interacting with media in Bhind, “Bajrang Dal, BJP are taking money from the ISI. Attention should be paid to this. Non-Muslims are spying for Pakistan’s ISI more than Muslims. This should be understood.” However, the veteran Congress leader had claimed that some channels were broadcasting “totally wrong” news about his statements.

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