BJP MP demands CM Kamal Nath’s apology on UP-Bihar migrant comment - TNBCLive

Today, BJP lawmaker Sanjay Jaiswal has slammed Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath for his claims that influx of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar migrants has deprived state youth of employment opportunities and demand him to be summoned to Parliament to apologize.

Raised the issue during Zero Hour in the Lok Sabha, MP Jaiswal representing Paschim Champaran Constituency of Bihar said that the newly-elected Chief Minister should apologize because he himself belongs to Kanpur city of UP and yet made such statement.

Mr. Jaiswal continued that “Kamal Nath has tried to divide the country on the basis of region. The House must condemn it. He should be summoned to the Parliament and asked to apologize.”

CM Nath has been at the centre of a storm over the decision of his government that only those industries, which will employ 70 percent local youth could avail incentives from the state.

“People from states like Bihar and UP come here and local people don’t get jobs…,” he had said during his first press conference as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

Kamal Nath has taken oath as Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister on December 17. He is a nine-time MP from Chhindwara. However, he has not yet resigned from the Lok Sabha as an MP.

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