Jammu: Lok Sabha MP Thupstan Chhewang has said day after resigning from the BJP primary membership that “ false promises and unwise decisions were the reason behind his decision, and not the pursue “ spiritual life as projected.”

In his letter Mr Chhewang said “ I have decided to keep my resignation from the party and the Lok Sabha a low key (affair) as my intentions were never to score political points. However, I am constrained to give vent to my feelings now in view of the propaganda being indulge by the state party president about my writing (a) letter to the party’s central; leaders for the past around one year expressing my willingness to quit active and opting for spiritual isolation. This is far from truth.”

Mr. Chhewang said as a local representative that his position was increasingly becoming morally-and-politically untenable, with the party and it is Central leaders exhibiting little concern for executing its last Lok Sabha election promise that the demand of the Ladakh region for a Union Territory status would be met within six month.

He further added “ We exposed ourselves to the charge of making false promises even on such sentimental issues as the inclusion of the Bhoti Language in the eighth schedule of the Indian constitution. I kept on writing to almost all party leaders-encroached at times even upon your valuable time-and also spoke in the national executive meetings reminding all about our commitment to the region”

Last week, BJP president of Jammu and Kashmir Ravinder Raina has said that Mr. Chhewang had resigned from the house and the party to pursue a spiritual life as he had been suffering from health issues.

For not caring to logically Mr.Chhewang accused the leader and explain the reasons for the delay in executing the electoral assurances, adding that all pleas fell on deaf ears.

“ I felt that I had no choice but to keep away from their thoughtless actions in our regions” Some of the central party leader and the current state leadership made matter worse by repeatedly rubbing salt into the wounds of Ladakh Mr. Chhewang said.

The 71-year-old leader continued “ it was strange that the party decided to contest all seats in the Kargil hill development council elections, where it has no base, while diverting resources, energy and attention from about half-a-dozen seats where the party had a winning chance.

After resigning the leader asked “ In 2014 and its aftermath we had privilege of you as the prime minister going around the country projecting the first time BJP victories in the Ladakh parliamentary constituency and the Leh hill council as signs of the increasing reach of the party. What could you tell the people now?”

Further, Mr. Chhewang has said that what was achieved five years ago was on the strength of the which, to the electorate at large, would sound like “empty rhetoric” at his juncture.

The BJP President Mr. Raina said reacting to the Mr. Chhewang letter “ the Ladakh MP was not political active for the last one-and-a-half years remained aloof from the party activities during the Kargil autonomous hill development and urban local body polls.

Mr. Raina has said that “ The BJP is the only party which always supported the demand and, after becoming MLA, I personally, moved a private members bill for the union Territory status for Ladakh, given its topography, local area, and security concerns in view its proximity to Pakistan and China but the bill was not taken up and was dropped”

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