After seven girls escaped four days ago from a shelter home in Patna, on Wednesday the last of them has been found in Madhubani district of Bihar. Police had also got hold of the other six escaped girls within 24-hours of their escape.

Today, a 16-years-old girl was found, who is a resident of West Bengal and a prime witness in the Muzaffarpur shelter home rape case.

The victim girl along with other witnesses was being put up at Mokama home in Patna.

A Special Investigation Team has found the teenage girl in Madhubani. Three men were with the girl, when she was found, have been arrested, reports Bihar Police.

A Special Superintendent of Police Babu Ram said that “A police officer has been interrogating the girl as well as three youths to know more about their escapade.”

The victim girls have revealed the names of several persons, including power politicians and top government officers, who used to visit on regular basis the shelter home in Muzaffarpur.

In May 2018, the abuse case came to light after the Bihar Social Welfare Department has filed an FIR based on the TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) social audit.

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