Bihar JDU lawmaker Shyam Bahadur Singh submits resignation as “nobody listens” - TNBCLive

On Monday, Janata Dal-United (JDU) lawmaker Shyam Bahadur Singh has submitted his resignation for the member of the party, in capital state Patna. Mr. Singh used to represent JDU in Barharia Constituency, has resigned as he claims that “nobody listens” to him as the district administration has also turned a dead ear.

Mr. Singh continued that “I have resigned from JD-U as neither district administration officers in Siwan nor the top brass of the government in Patna listen to my genuine complaints. What pains me is that police has been acting against all those people opposing auction of the government land to land mafia.”

He has further questioned the much-hyped governance and rule that claims made by the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar-led BJP government and has also raised the auction of government land to accused the land mafia despite opposition from Siwan district’s people.

However, the party chief Vashisht Narain Singh said that Mr. Singh is a senior party leader and his concern would likely be genuine and the party will surely investigate the issue.

Earlier, Shyam Bahadur Singh has humiliated the party and the state government by dancing with bar dancers at a marriage ceremony.

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