An Amnesty, After Thousands of Liquor Law Arrests in Bihar

An Amnesty, After Thousands of Liquor Law Arrests in Bihar

Bihar: In Bihar, thousands of people, arrested over the tough prohibition act. Soon, it released in Bihar next month under a new amnesty of the state government. The Chief Minister Nitish Kumar presumed the move after months of criticism over the thousands of arrest under Prohibition Act- has been officially approved by the state cabinet and the centre.

As per the report, one time there were more than 40,000 people in jail under the Prohibition Act. but now, more than 10,00 people, arrested under this law, are jailed across the state. It is said that the new scheme of amnesty envisages release for those who not facing charges of serious crimes like Murder, rape, dowry death, sedition or terrorism. The other key factor will be a good conduct of the prisoners.

The undertrials of the first batch will be released on October 2, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The first preference will be given to women and those above the age of 60.

The idea of amnesty had raised by Nitish Kumar before the President and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When Union Home Ministry gave a green signal, it was brought before state cabinet, which approved it.

According to the source, it says that the amnesty scheme became necessary after clear of the people behind the bars under Prohibition Act if it belongs to Scheduled Castes or the extremely backward classes- both traditional supporters of Janata Dal-United Nitish Kumar.

Mainly sections, content that the Prohibition Act has become a mode of abuse of power, who allege excesses by the police.

In certain provisions of the state’s, Nitesh Kumar makes relaxed move tough anti-liquor law, as admitting there have been complaints of misuse of its provisions. While observing Mr. Kumar mentioned that “there are lakhs of people including poor Dalits, that have been arrested under the law. In the last couple of years, while unlawful trade flourished with the connivance of the police and the administration.

by Priti on September 14, 2018

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