Amit Shah termed passage of Triple Talaq Bill as “Historic”, slams Congress - TNBCLive

Hours after the Lok Sabha has passed the Triple Talaq Bill to criminalize the disputable practice of instant divorce in Islam, on Thursday, the BJP Chief Amit Shah has demand that the Congress apologizes for subjecting Muslim women to “decide of injustice”.

After 5-hours debate, the bill was passed by the Lok Sabha, with government vehemently rejecting the contention, which it targets a “particular community”.

Mr. Shah also congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the NDA government for successfully passing the Triple Talaq Bill in Lok Sabha through a series of tweets, termed it as a “historic step to ensure the equality and dignity of Muslim women.”

The opposition has staged a walkout when it demands that the bill be referred to a “joint select committee” was rejected. Several opposition leaders, including Asaduddin Owaisi, has vehemently opposed the government’s “interference” in the practices of the minority community.

Mr. Owaisi has questioned the logic behind the government curbing the practice of Triple Talaq, while supported the “decriminalization” of homosexuality. He further termed it as an attack on the rights conferred upon Muslims by the constitution.

Oppositions like Samajwadi Party leader Dharmendra Yadav has alleged BJP of coming up with the bill for political reasons. Mr. Yadav added, “There was no need to bring in a separate law, given that the Supreme Court had already ruled that Triple Talaq is illegal.”

Oppositions have questioned the bill on three major points. They enquired the 3-years jail term for the husband, argued that such punishment is not offered to those from other communities for an act like desertion. Questions were further raised over the person, who would have to offer maintenance to a woman once her husband is in jail and whether such hard punishment would help the family to stay happy together.

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