On Thursday, BJP Chief Amit Shah has alleged Congress-led Madhya Pradesh government of cheating poor farmers, claims it a ‘middlemen’ government, who only cares for its luxury.
While addressing the “Palak-Sanyojak Sammelan” (Nurturer-Convenor Summit) in MP’s Sagar, Mr. Shah said that “the BJP is a different kind of party. Other parties win the election over the face value of their leaders but BJP is the only party which contests and wins polls over its workers’ credibility.”

Mocking at Chief Minister Kamal Nath-led MP government, the BJP Chief said that the government has indeed brought a big change within the past two months. During the regime of Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led BJP government, the meaning of law and order in the state was “Kanoon vyavastha”. But the new government has changed it to “lo aur order karo” (take bribe and give orders).

Mr. Shah said, “Earlier, the government was running for poor, tribals, youths etc. but now it is being run for middlemen.”

He further claims that the Congress government has cheated the farmers in waiving their loans with their money only. Mr. Shah accused that “the farmers in the state were looking for Rs. 50,000 crore loan waiver but this government has not even waived Rs. 5,000 crore of debt yet,” adding that “This government is bothered about its luxury and the middlemen, not for farmers.”

“The upcoming Lok Sabha election is very crucial, not only for BJP but for the whole country. It is necessary to form a government under Narendra Modi’s leadership to continue the changes that the Central government has made in last five years,” added Mr. Shah.

Listed the achievements of the BJP-led central government, Mr. Shah claims that “Modi government is bothered about every faction of the society. The government has taken two big decisions to benefit traders in the past three months. The entrepreneurs with a turnover of up to Rs. 60 lakh, have been exempted from the Goods and Services Tax. And, the government has exempted the people with income of up to Rs. 5 lakh from paying I-T.”

He further said that “Recently, our government has also started a pension scheme for the workers of the unorganized sector.”

Amit Shah is a Rajya Sabha MP and claims that the central government has offered Rs. 3 lakh crore in the budget for the Defence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given instances that what might be the consequences for crossing India’s border illegally, first time through the 2016 Surgical Strikes and a second time with air strikes in Pakistan’s Balakot, claims the BJP Chief.

Mr. Shah continued, “Modi government has given a free hand to the army. If someone fires at you then retaliate with a bomb, give a befitting reply.”

Criticizing Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi for demanding evidence of February 26’s air strike, Mr. Shah claims that Mr. Gandhi should be ashamed of himself. He further said, “When our air force is claiming that it has destroyed the dens of terrorists, so what is the doubt in it? It’s an insult to the security forces of the country, people will reply to it.”

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