Allahabad:In front of Local Retired Cop was Beaten to Death - TNBCLive

Allahabad: In front of the locals a retired police officer was assaulted and attacked by three men on a street. The incident was captured in a locality CCTV camera after that footage the incident comes in light. The three men’s was continuously beating to the police officer until and unless the police officer lay motionless and bleeding. No one from the locals comes forward to help the police officer or even not inform to the Police station. The police officer who was beaten named Samad Khan (70) and he also died after reaching to the hospital.

According to the sources that Mr. Khan was a retired Sub- Inspector and is seen with his bicycle when a man comes from the back and starts beating him with a stick. The strange person continually beating after few seconds Mr. Khan falls to the ground and tries to shield himself but the blows keep coming. Soon after two more people came and joined the man and keep beating the police officer.

According to the Allahabad Police Station, it said that the main attacker is allegedly identified as Junaid and he has at least criminal cases against him at the local police station. The Allahabad Police officers also reveal that the initial investigation suggests a property related issue. They are ten people that have been named in the First Information Report (FIR) field at the local police station. But None of the accused has been arrested yet.

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