After Rafale Verdict, Amit Shah Attack Rahul Gandhi Ask “Who Is Your Source?” - TNBCLive

New Delhi: After Top Court refused to sit in judgment on the Rafale aircraft deal, BJP president Amit Shah said that the verdict has only served to vindicate the Union government stand that there was no corruption or nepotism in the case. He also demanded that Congress chief Rahul Gandhi apologize to the nation for raising “childish allegations against the Narendra Modi government, and disclose his source of information on the matter.

Soon after the verdict was delivered Amit Shah said in Tweet “Truth always triumphs! Court’s judgment on the Rafale deal exposes the campaign of misinformation spearheaded by Congress president for political gains. The court didn’t find anything wrong with the process, nor did it find any commercial favoritism in the deal”

With a note, BJP chief has mentioned that bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi had rejected allegations that the centre pressures the French government into picking industrialist Anil Ambani Reliance Defence for the deal. He added “ On the contrary, the SC held that govt had no role in selecting offset partners and found no merit in the demand for a probe based on the mere perception of individuals. It, therefore, raises questions on the motive of those working to discredit the deal, which is important for India”

Narrating the media later, Amit Shah questioned Mr. Gandhi right to question the BJP on the Rafale deal when his own party was plagued by a history of corruption. He added “ For so long, they kept saying that the country watchman is a thief, but the truth has finally been revealed. If you try to sling mud at the sun, the mud will only land on yourself”

Aggressively Amit Shah claimed that the Supreme Court verdict has come as a “slap on the face of those who do politics based on lies. Why did the Congress not approach the Supreme Court if it has evidence of corruption? The doors of the Supreme Court are open to everyone… It is clear that they knew their allegation was baseless, without any facts to back them. Everything they said was based on lies. We are ready for a discussion on the Rafale deal in Parliament. I challenge Congress to come and debate the issue on the floor of the house.”

Randeep Surjewala a Congress party spokesperson said “ the Congress leadership, hence has refused to see the court ruling as a setback. The government gave the Supreme Court one-sided, half-baked information on the Rafale deal… We have said that the Supreme Court cannot decide on the Rafale issue, only a probe by a joint parliamentary committee probe can do that after examining all the files and notings”

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