AAP hits BJP over Politics of “Hate and Lies” - TNBCLive

On Sunday, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has alleged the BJP of pursuing a politics of “hate and lies” and focus mainly on the necessity for expelling it from centre’s power.

Rajya Sabha MP of AAP, Sanjay Singh is also the party in-charge for Bihar has accused that in Delhi, which is currently under BJP-led Modi government has “names of about 30 lakh voters half of who are from UP-Bihar have been deleted from the electoral roll at the behest of the BJP.”

In a reply to a query on the BJP Chief Amit Shah’s remark, “India is not a Dharamshala” in a contest of the National Registry of Assam’s citizenship list, Mr. Singh said that “where will the disenfranchised voters of Delhi go. Are they Bangladeshi infiltrators? Amit Shah indulges in rhetoric on the issue of illegal immigrants and in practice, his party has been pitting people of one region against the other.”

The Bulandshahr mob violence, which took lives of two, including a Police Inspector in the district, follows an accused 25 cow slaughter, is another instance of BJP’s politics of “hate and lies” he added.

BJP has also highlighted the Ram Temple construction in Ayodhya as such a big issue, while in Khasi dozens of temples of various god and goddess have been destroyed for development projects, alleged Mr. Singh.

He further declared, “I am going to bring a private members’ bill in the Parliament, on behalf of my party, seeking restoration of all the temples of Shiva, Krishna and Ganesha etc. in Kashi.”

“… It is essential that the national acts and the party is ousted from power. Our assessment is that the results of assembly polls in four states will be a huge setback for the BJP and set the tone for the Lok Sabha polls next year,” added Mt. Singh.

While responding to a query, Mr. Singh said that “as of now, AAP is not the part of any political formation. Though our moral support is there to all efforts aimed at defeating the BJP.”

He also disclosed the plans of AAP to contest over 100 seats across India in forthcoming 2019 General Elections but did not disclose any details.

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