8 convicts punished life imprisonment by a court in Jharkhand - TNBCLive

Families of two cattle traders, who were beaten to death in Latehar district of Jharkhand in March 2016, today demands financial support and jobs from the state government.

Last week, eight convicts were punished with life imprisonment by a court in Jharkhand for killing 32-years-old Majlum Ansari and 13-years-old Imteyaz Khan.

Mahlum Ansari is survived by a wife and five children.

While talking to reporters, wife of the deceased Ansari, Sayara Bibi claims that she had been receiving threats even after all the convicts were punished with life sentences.

Mr. Ansari’s family has requested to the state government of financial aid as they claim that they have lost their lone breadwinner.

Mrs. Ansari said that “I demand appropriate compensation and a job from the Jharkhand government. Where should I go for help? I do not have money to feed my children.”

Nazma Bibi, mother of the deceased Imteyaz Khan said that her son was only 13-years-old when he was beaten to death. She continued that “we are living under the shadow of fear. My elder son has left his home and started working in Ranchi due to threats to his life. My younger son has also stopped going to his school.”

Imteyaz Khan’s mother further said that “I request the government to provide proper security to my family. Also, the state government should provide financial assistance and a job for us.”

On March 17, 2016, dead bodies of Imteyaz Khan and Majlum Ansari were found hanging from a tree. They were reportedly taking their cattle to a village fair for selling them when they were attacked by the convicts.

Jharkhand Police said that both of them were beaten to death and then was intentionally hanged from the tree.

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