2 Rail Passengers were detained with 13550 packets of Pakistani made Beauty creams - TNBCLive

On Monday, two passengers were caught with 13550 packets of beauty creams, which were manufactured in Pakistan and illegally tried to enter the country, on-board the Thar Express to reach India, reports a customs duty official.

The two convicts, Shahid and Musa were residents of Gujarat’s Godhra and New Delhi, had boarded the train from Pakistan on last Friday.

Acting on a tip-off, the alleged were detained with the 13550 packets of Pakistani made beauty cream on Saturday, said Assistant Commissioner of Customs Department ML Shera.

Mr. Shera said that the seized consignment amount at Rs. 6.77 lakh in the market price.

The alleged were released against a penalty of Rs. 85000 each, added ML Shera.

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