2.7 Magnitude Earthquake Felt in Delhi For Second Consecutive Day - TNBCLive

A second 2.7 magnitude earthquake has jolted national capital this afternoon felting mild tremors. Yesterday, a low-intensity earthquake of 3.5 magnitude hit delhi, which is under a complete lockdown to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. This is for the second consecutive day for Delhi people the tremor.The National Centre for Seismology said the 2.7 magnitude earthquake hit the city around 1:26 pm at a depth of 5 km. 

The earthquake on Sunday was triggered around 5:45 pm, and was measured 3.5 on the Richter scale.  According to Delhi Disaster Management Authority, the epicenter was in East Delhi at a depth of 8km. The panic-stricken people came out of their houses when they felt the tremor.

People have been staying at home due to the lockdown imposed to slow down the transmission of the coronavirus. Delhi comes under the fourth of the five seismic zones. In an unusual way, Delhi has been the epicenter of an earthquake. However, Delhi feels tremors when a quake occurs even as far as central Asia or in the Himalayan range, which is a high seismic zone.

“Tremors felt in Delhi. Hope everyone is safe. I pray for the safety of each one of you,” Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had tweeted on Sunday. 

An earthquake of magnitude 2.8 had hit the national capital in 2004. Another quake of magnitude 3.4 was recorded in the city in 2001, according to official data, sources reported. 

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