The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been investigating a rice scam worth about Rs. 85 lakh. The strange incident over 2.60 lakh kilogram rice was allegedly stolen by some officials of the Food Corporation of India and a private company. The cleverly showed that the consignment was delivered in trucks by submitting license numbers of scooters and motorcycles.

An FIR has been registered by the Food Corporation of India (FCI). From a rail terminal in Assa, a total of 9,191 quintals (9,19,100 kg) of rice were dispatched for Koirengei in Manipur between March 7, 2016, to March 22, 2016. The grains of rice were dispatched on 57 trucks belonging to a private transporter, Zenith Enterprises.

The shipment reached Koirengei after two months, after covering a distance of 275.5 km which takes almost nine hours. Following verification, it was revealed that 2,60,163 kg of rice worth Rs. 84.98 lakh being transported by 16 vehicles had been misappropriated.

The FIR alleged that the rice was not delivered at Koirengei but it was shown in records as received. In an affidavit, the transporter claimed that the delay occurred due to the breakdown of trucks after which the food grains were transferred to other trucks.

It also claimed that license numbers of transshipment vehicles were not trucks but LML and Honda Activa scooters, motorcycles, water tankers, bus, Maruti van, cars, and ghost vehicles and their number were not even registered by the Road Transport Offices concerned.

“Non-transportation of the aforesaid 2601.63 quintals of rice to Koirengei and its misappropriation is further substantiated by the fact that the vehicle numbers mentioned in records, including the vehicles used in transshipment in respect of aforesaid 16 road movement permits, were not entered in the enroute Leingangpokpi police check-post and Keithelmanbi police check post,” an official said giving details of the FIR.

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