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Shocking news came today that young girls were forced to dance to vulgar songs and raped at the government-run shelter in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur. A massive sex scandal with links to influential politicians came into light after the investigation of CBI. The investing agency filed a 73-page charge sheet against the main accused Brijesh Thakur, who operated the shelter for a long time.

Under the Protection of Children From Sexual Offences Act or POCSO Act, Brijesh Thakur and 20 others along with the staff of the home have been charged with serious crimes. Teenage girls were forced to wear revealing clothes in front of the guests of Brijesh Thakur, after that they were forced to dance to “Bhojpuri songs”. The cruelty did not stop here, those girls were given drug and made to lie down, said CBI.

Girls, who refused to do such things were badly beaten and tortured.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences or TISS reported that a dozen girls were seduced and raped over 10 years in the government-run shelter.

In Bihar shelter home rape case, girls forced to dance on vulgar songs, CBI / tnbclive.in

Girls between the age of 34 and 42 at the home were sexually assaulted, according to the medical tests.

The main accused in this case Brijesh Thakur is very close to the politicians in the ruling Janata Dal (United) government. The Supreme Court has ordered to shift him to a jail in order to prevent any  “obstruction to the ongoing probe” as the court has considered him as “a very influential man.”

Rashtriya Janata Dal has accused the Nitish Kumar government of supporting Brajesh Kumar.  Bihar Social Welfare Minister Manju Verma resigned after investigations revealed that her husband, Chandrashekhar Verma, had spoken to the main accused several times between January and June.

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