On Monday, during an election rally in Gujarat’s Jamnagar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while speaking about the healthcare scheme “Ayushman Bharat” mentioned Karachi of Pakistan before clarifies that he actually wanted to say Kochi. PM Modi followed up with a rapid explanation that why he said so.

PM Modi is campaigning for BJP is also having to separately deal with the increasing tension between India and Pakistan. The present situation along the LoC (Line of Control) and International Border area with Pakistan has been extremely sensitive since the February 14’s terror attack in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Prime Minister is constantly being briefed by top defence personnel and armed forces about the existing situation with neighboring Pakistan, has been heading various top-level security meets between BJP’s election campaign. That he claims the reason why he ended up saying “Karachi” instead of “Kochi”.

While addressing the election rally in Gujarat, PM Modi said, “Under the Ayushman Bharat health scheme, if a resident of Jamnagar has gone to Bhopal, and happens to falls ill, he/she need not come back to Jamnagar for treatment. If the person shows their (Ayushman Bharat) beneficiary card, they will get free treatment anywhere in the country, be it Kolkata, or even Karachi.”

Referred it a slip-of-tongue, PM Modi rapidly corrected his remark by saying that he “meant to say Kochi, not Karachi.”

The Prime Minister went on to saying that “nowadays my mind is preoccupied with the situation with our neighboring country.”

He further said that in the wake of a deadly terror attack in Pulwama, a pre-dawn non-military air strike on the ‘biggest’ terror camps of JeM in Pakistan’s Balakot was necessary.

“That (air strikes in Pakistan) was necessary,” added PM Modi.

After the inauguration of a new 750-bed building of Guru Gobind Singh Hospital in Gujarat’s Jamnagar, PM Modi was addressing a gathering there.

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