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On Thursday, Gujarat Court has declared fugitive Nirav Modi as a “proclaimed absconder” in customs duty evasion case, lodged in March and directed him to appear in person on November 15.

Earlier in the day, a public notification was also issued in newspapers and sent to police and government departments, where Mr. Modi was declared “proclaimed absconder” under IPC Section 82. The declared could make it hard for him to secure for an anticipatory bail.

In Surat Court, the Chief Judicial Magistrate B.H. Kapadia has accepted a plea made on August 8 by the Customs Department and asked Mr. Modi, who is the prime culprit in several other cases, which also include Punjab National Bank fraud case of Rs. 13,500 crore, to appear before the court by next week.

The case was lodged in Surat Court by Deputy Customs Commissioner RK Tiwary against the fugitive and three of his firms- Radashir Jewellery Co Pvt Ltd, Firestar International Pvt Ltd, and Firestar Diamond International Pvt Ltd.

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