Two contractual workers died after the devastating fire broke out in ONGC oil well at Nandej in Gujarat. Nandej is located at 20 km away from Ahmedabad.

Four other contractual workers are also suffering from several burnt injured, which are being treated at a nearby hospital in Ahmedabad.

On Wednesday, the fire broke out around 8:30 pm, while repairing and maintenance work is being carried out by chartered hire workers over Rig Akash 4.

Nine fire engines were immediately called for action at the spot. Finally, the flame was completely doused by 9:20 pm.

The ONGC said in its release that “Unfortunately, two contractual workers have lost their lives in the incident. While Sanjay Mahendra Singh, 25 brought dead, Shahjad Alam Ansari, 27 died at 7 AM today. Four other contractual workers who were afflicted with severe burn injuries are being treated at a nearby Hospital in Ahmedabad.”

However, the reason behind the fire broke out is yet not made clear.

The ONGC said that they are committed towards offering all support according to its policy to the families of dead and the ones, who have suffered burn wounds. It continued in its release, “The senior officers from ONGC Ahmedabad Asset including Asset Manager, Crisis Management Team, HSE( Health, Medical, and Environment) Security and Medical services had immediately rushed to the spot to take all possible measures to bring the fire under control.”

The ONGC said that the state administration including fire service providers and policemen, all had immensely supported to control the situation.

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