Gujarat Police have detained ten university students for playing PUBG, which is the popular most smartphone game, termed by a minister as a “demon in every house”.

On Wednesday, the arrest was made in western Gujarat, where authorities have enforced an outright ban on PUBG over concerns about its impact on the “conduct, behavior, and language” of those playing this game.

Later, the university students were released on bail the same day, reports Police Inspector VS Vanzara.

Another Police official, Rohit Raval told the source that PUBG was “highly addictive and the accused were so engrossed in playing” that they didn’t even care about the approaching police.

Gujarat is the only state to ban PUBG. The game has been downloaded by over 100 million times around the world.

But concern has also raised in other parts of the nation, where around half a billion of people are always online and cheap smartphones with data plans are bringing more first-time users into the addiction of playing games.

Educators and parents have reported that PUBG has incited violence and distracted students from studying.

A Goa minister has described the game as “a demon in every house.” Last month during a public interaction, a mother has a complaint to PM Modi about her son’s addiction to online games, the Prime Minister replied, “Is this the PUBG one?”

Often likened to film series and blockbuster book, “The Hunger Games”, PUBG is a free download and allow players stranded on islands against one another in a virtual battle to the death.

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