On Tuesday, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is the Congress Candidate for by-elections to Rajya Sabha Seat from Rajasthan. He has filed his nomination in Jaipur, the capital state of Rajasthan. 

The 86-year-old Manmohan Singh was received at the state airport by Sachin Pilot, who is the Deputy Chief Minister and state-unit Congress Chief. 

Congress is more confident about Mr. Singh to the Parliament from Rajasthan, where it already secured a victory in Rajasthan Assembly Elections in December. 

With the support of 100 MLAs, 6 MLAs of BSP, and 12 independent MLAs, Congress has the number to get Mr. Singh through the Rajya Sabha. 

However, the BJP has not declared its candidate for the seat yet, in which, the centre-ruling party has 73 MLAs in 200-members Rajasthan Assembly. 

The by-election to the Rajya Sabha in Rajasthan is scheduled after the seat fell vacant, followed by the death of BJP Chief Madan Lal Saini. 

Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister for 10-years until Congress-led UPA Government was defeated in 2004 by BJP, then he was a Rajya Sabha member from Assam. However, the opposition no longer has enough lawmakers to re-nominate him from Assam and his term ended in June.

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