Top Health Ministry Official Demands for Better Contract Tracing in Delhi - TNBCLive

A top health ministry official said there is no community transmission and  raised doubts about contract tracing in Delhi. Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain, said this morning that “There is transmission in the community, but if it is community transmission or not that can be declared by Centre only, it is a technical term.”

His declaration comes one day after the Delhi government said half the coronavirus in Delhi cannot be traced to any source. The claim has been denied by Mr. Jain claiming there are several areas in Delhi where search needs to be done or areas sealed after a large number of coronavirus cases.

“If contact tracing isn’t done properly, the authorities will face difficulty in tracing the source of infection and the cases will continue to rise in the containment zone,” the official told reporters.

He emphasized on the need of a door-to-door search mechanism for tracing of cases in containment zones needs to be updated. “Active case search example needs to be replicated from Dharavi, where earlier 60-80 cases and 10-12 deaths were taking place daily. In the last five days, the case rise has been between 10 and 17 and no death has taken place,” he said.

“The Union Health Ministry is in contact with the authorities in Delhi and is ready to provide technical support,” he added.

“We say community spread when people don’t know how they got the infection. There are many cases. In 50 per cent of the cases in Delhi, the source of infection is not known,” Mr Jain told reporters.

“AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria had said there is community transmission in Delhi but the centre has not accepted it yet. We cannot declare it and the centre has to declare it. Community spread is a technical term and it depends on the centre whether they accept it or not. There are four stages in epidemiology in which the third stage is the community spread,” Mr Jain added.

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