Reports of Firing at Delhi's Jamia University for the Third Time in Four Days - TNBCLive

On Sunday night, violence occurred at Jamia Millia University in south Delhi. As per reports, two people have been identified who came on a scooter, and one of the two wearing a red jacket opened fire outside Gate No.5. No one was injured in the incident so far. Jamia Coordination Committee said that no one had been reported in the firing. 

Last night, people in small numbers started to gather around the university gates in protest against the CAA. People, who were present at the area, captured videos and tweeted, showing people running after hearing the alleged gunshot. 

Last night firing is the third incident in the last four days in the area, which are the focal points of the anti-Citizenship Act protests. On Saturday, a 25-year-old man fired two rounds in the air at Shaheen Bagh and later was taken into custody. The man who was identified as Kapil Gujjar chanted ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and shouted: “only Hindus shall have a say in our country, no one else.”

Senior police officer Jagdish Yadav said that “Statements have been recorded. On their basis, an FIR has been registered. A team is going to the spot, it will collect CCTV footage from Gate No.5 and 7. Further details which come out, will be included (in FIR). Action will be taken.” 

Earlier on Thursday, a student was injured after a youth fired at an anti-CAA protest outside the Jamia University. When police were detaining him, he chanted, “who wants Azadi, come and take it.”

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal slammed Home Minister Amit Shah over the regular violence in the city. Mr Kejiriwal tweeted, “What have you done to our Delhi, Amit Shah ji? Bullets are being fired in broad daylight.” Since December 15, hundreds of people have been protesting at Shaheen Bagh against the CAA, which has been criticized by the BJP Union ministers and leaders. 

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