Recent updates on Delhi Burari deaths, reports suggest suicide says police - TNBCLive

The shocking incident of 11 members died at their residence probe reveals suggested suicide. Bhatia Family residence is still under the police remand as the case has not solved yet. Bodies of 11 member family sent for post-mortem to find the mystery behind this case.. After the post-mortem of all 11 bodies has been complimented, initial reports suggest suicide said Police. Alok Kumar, Joint CP Crime Branch said that the further investigation is underway. Chief Minister of New Delhi also visits the Bhatia residence.

Police Angle: According to the sources Police have launched a manhunt for a tantrik ‘Baba Janegadi’ in connection with Bhatia family death. Police got to know about him after they received the SDM reports which had sentiments of relatives, and friends of the family.

Postmortem Reports – 75-year-old women also committed suicide and were not murdered. She committed suicide with the help of a belt. The belt has been recovered by the police officers.

Relivites Angle: One of the Relatives of the family Ketan Nagpal, whose maternal grandmother alleged that they were killed and dismissed the Police theory of “Suicide pact”. He said it was a prosperous family. “ They were not facing any financial issues and also has not taken a single loan. Why would they kill themselves?” he said. Another relative reveals that he had spoken to the family last night. They sounded “normal” and did not show any sign of depression, he added. The family did not have enmity with anyone. But we suspect someone killed them,” he alleged.

Local Angle: One of the Burari Local Kishan Kumar explains the theory linking the 11 pipes to the 11 bodies. Kumar says the pipes are connected to the washrooms and he also said that he often notices the family scribbling religious messages like dohas and shlokas on a blackboard outside their shop.

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