Rajnath Singh Says in Delhi BJP doesn’t do Politics of Religion - TNBCLive

On Tuesday, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh claimed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has never indulged in politics of caste, religion, or creed and only believes in justice and humanitarianism. The senior BJP leaders were addressing a heavily guarded public meeting in east Delhi’s Trilokpuri.

Mr Singh claimed that the BJP had fulfilled the wishes of Mahatma Gandhi by enacting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). “India was divided on the basis of religion in 1947 and many of our leaders were against it, but some people were in a hurry to get power. Mahatma Gandhi, at that time, has told Nehru and Congress leaders that if the minorities in Pakistan faced suffering and injustice, they should get respect and, if required, citizenship in India. We have fulfilled his wishes by passing CAA,” he remarked. 

Dismissing the criticism that the government has neglected the Muslim community, he said the opposition is spreading misinformation. “I gave citizenship to Adnan Sami with my own pen as home minister, and more than 600 Muslim brothers have got Indian citizenship in the last five years,” he added. Mr Singh described India as a secular stated and not a Hindu state, and there is no place for religious persecution. 

The former home minister also consoled the Muslim community by saying, no power can take their citizenship away. “If anyone even points a finger at you, our entire government and BJP will stand shoulder to shoulder with you,” he assured. He also appealed to the crowd to consider Muslims as their brothers, visit their households and hug them. 

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