On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused Congress of a “Tughlaq road election scam” where money allocated to pregnant women and poor was looted from them.

Notable, Congress National Chief Rahul Gandhi official residence is situated on tughlaq Road in New Delhi.

On Sunday, the IT Department has recently conducted raids on close aids of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath and others in 4 states.

The CBDT, which is a framed policy for the IT department said that it has also detected a trail of Rs. 20 crore cash reportedly being moved to the “headquarters of a major political party in Delhi” from the residence of an important personality, who lives on Tughlaq Road, which is home to many VIPs.

While addressing an election rally in Gujarat’s Junagadh, the Prime Minister mocks at Congress, saying it is known by names as far as the scam is concerned.

“Now it has got a new name, but with proofs. The Congress is indulging in a ‘Tughlaq Road Chunavi ghotala’, where money meant for the poor is being usurped for their own leaders. Money meant for pregnant women is looted,” added PM Modi.

He continued that Congress manifesto demands everyone should get bail, even if offenders of serious criminal activities.

The Prime Minister said that “for whom is this provision, is it for your leaders? In the last five years, I have brought them to the doors of the jail and if you give me the next five years, they will be inside.”

Taking notes at IT raids on Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s aides, PM Modi said after Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh has become the new ATM for the grand old party.

He claims that “the situation in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh is no different. Congress is only interested to come to power to loot people.”

He further claims that the pre-dawn air strikes were conducted against Pakistan, has mainly affected the oppositions in India. PM Modi also said that only a country can prospect when it’s secure.

“PM Modi wants to remove terrorism and they want to remove PM Modi. There is no abuse left which the Congress has not used against your son, your chowkidar,” added the Prime Minister.

Mocking at Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the party has always supported those, who want to separate Jammu and Kashmir from India and also demands a separate Prime Minister for the state.

“Our jawans have lost their lives there only for the security of common man. There is no state in the country from which jawans haven’t lost their lives,” said PM Modi.

Recalls the contribution of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel during the freedom battle, the Prime Minister claims that he has asked the Army to take the situation under control amidst mayhem then while PM Jawaharlal Nehru kept on looking.

PM Modi said, “Had he (Sardar Patel) not been there, India would not have even got the Kashmir which it has now.”

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