Latest Delhi News: On Thursday, a metal barricade fell on a moving train on Violent Line due to the strong wine. The passenger of the Delhi Metro had a narrow place to escape when the train comes to screening halt, but no passenger or passerby was harmed. For 20 minutes, the train remained stationary and there were no announcements. However, train operations on the corridor are massively disrupted during the evening peak hours. Read on to find more on Latest Delhi News.

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A commuter Mithun Vijayan said “ the train was climbing from the underground Jangpura station to the elevated Lajpat Nagar station when there was a loud noise. The train comes to a halt as one of the huge metal barricaded along the tracks and fallen on it. People started panicking and there was absolute pandemonium inside the train. He also added “ Soon, two metro officials came and opened a door from the outside. They pulled up a small ladder and all passengers deboarded the train and walked towards Lajpat Nagar station. We were told that the metro will not operate now, so I walked out of the station to look for an autorickshaw.

“ A portion of the railing on the ramp fell on the track going towards Faridabad around 4.05 pm due to strong winds and rain. All passengers were safely taken to Lajput Nagar platform” said Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

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