Maharashtra To Top Court: Fashionable To Make Noise On Personal Liberty - TNBCLive

New Delhi: It has become a fashion to make a hue and cry about personal liberty as it contended that in the case of Gautam Navlakha, accused of alleged links with outlawed CPI (Maoist), the investigating officer follow every procedure of law in processing against him said the Maharastra government to top court.

However, Supreme Court conduct the hearing of the Navlakha case in January as Maharashtra told bench that head by the Chief Justices Ranjan Gogoi that he was not in custody.

The allegations made therein be filed on or before December 8, 2018, as the court directed the charges filed against the accused Surendra Pundlik Gadling,, Sudhir Pralhad Dhawale, Rona Jacob Wilson, Dr. Soma Sen, and Mahesh Sitaram Raut along with “ translated copy thereof and a gist.

The Maharastra police said that though the writ of habeas corpus was not maintainable, Gautam Navlakha filed the same before the High Court.

Before the top court, Gautam Navlakha and others moved a petition, during the pendency of the habeas corpus petition before the High Court.

Despite rejecting the plea by historian Romila Thapar granted the protection from arrest to the accused of four weeks giving them time to move an appropriate court.

This in its rejoinder to the response by Gautam Navlakha. Maharashtra had moved the top court challenging Delhi High Court order granting bail to Gautam Navlakha said the Maharashtra police.

On October 29, the top court issued a notice to Gautam Navlakha on a plea by Maharashtra challenging grant of bail to him by the High Court.

While accusing to the five activists the Maharastra government has alleged that they mislead the backward people to infuse radical Moist thoughts in their minds.

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