In Agra, an engineering student was gang-raped by 4 men - TNBCLive

An engineering student, who was going for a coaching class in Agra was allegedly gang-raped by 4 convict men on the banks of River Yamuna.

The victim was a first-year B-Tech student. On Tuesday evening, she was riding on a scooter to the coaching class, when two men on a motorcycle have intercepted and grabbed her, reports Agra Police. They took her to a scheduled spot on the banks of River Yamuna and gang-raped her there along with two other men, added the Police officer.

The victim has suffered serious head injuries and has been admitted to SN Medical College Hospital in Agra.

As per the statement of the girl, two other men were already present at the spot. She further complaint that they took turns to rape her.

Later, with the help of a passerby, she somehow managed to reach home. The victims’ parents had filed a complaint on Tuesday late evening about the incident.

The convict men are on the run, reports a senior Policeman Prashant Verma.

However, the investigation continues and the Police department is searching for them to captivate them.

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