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The conflict between Gautam Gambhir and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejiriwal over COVID-19 is on. On Friday, BJP MP Gautam Gambhir took his twitter spat with Mr. Kejriwal over the measures taken by the AAP government to tackle coronavirus in the national capital. 

The conflict started earlier this month when Gautam Gambhir accused  the Delhi government of not accepting Rs 50 lakh from his MPLADS fund to fight the coronavirus outbreak. In reply  Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday that money is not a problem but the availability of protective equipment for healthcare personnel is.

“Gautam ji, thank u for ur offer. The problem is not of money but availability of PPE kits. We wud be grateful if u cud help us get them from somewhere immediately, Del govt will buy them. Thank u,” he had tweeted.

Today, Mr. Gambhir posted a picture on his official Twitter handle saying he delivered on his promise providing a thousand PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) kits for health workers, and now it was time for Mr Kejriwal to fulfill his promises made to the people of Delhi.

“I have DELIVERED as PROMISED! 1000 PPE Kits to LNJP Hospital! Arvind Kejriwal, now it is time for you to deliver on promises made to Delhi! More equipment can be acquired. Do let me know place and details!,” he tweeted.

Gautam Gambhir’s Tweet for Delhi CM, “Delivered as promised, your turn now” 1

In a letter separately, Gambhir said it was stated by Sisodia that funds were needed to meet the growing demand for medical equipment in Delhi government hospitals. Later the former cricketer said Mr Kejriwal was contradicting Mr Sisodia.

“Arvind ji, first ur Deputy claims shortage of funds. Now u contradict him & say there is shortage of kits Anyway, procured 1000 PPE kits. Please let me know where they can be delivered. Time for talks is over, it is time to ACT. Eagerly waiting for ur response,” he tweeted.

To treat the COVID-19 patients the PPE kits are very essential for the doctors and health workers to keep themselves safe. On Thursday, the Health Ministry said it has ordered 1.7 crore PPE kits. Over 700 people have been affected by the virus  and 12 died in Delhi till now.

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