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Delhi High Court has ordered the release of a former politician Sushil Sharma, who is presently serving life sentence since 1995 over the accused of murdering his wife Naina Sahni. The high-profile murder case in Delhi has become popular as “Tandoor Kand”.

A Youth Congress leader Sushil Sharma had shot dead his wife Naina over the suspect of having an extramarital affair. The incident took place at their resident on July 2, 1995, in Delhi.

Mr. Sharma has chopped off her body into pieces and stuffed it in a “tandoor” oven on the roof of a popular restaurant, which was managed by his friend.

The police officers who were patrolling the area has reached the incident spot after smelling bad smoke coming out of the tandoor oven. They found Naina’s dismembered and half-burnt body on the oven and has arrested her husband within a week.

Details reports of 1995 Tandoor murder case in Delhi |

The case was first raised in Trial Court then the High Court, which declared that the convict Sushil Sharma should be hanged but the top court commuted the sentence, observed that “It is not a crime against society but a crime committed due to (Sharma’s) strained relationship with his wife.”

This case is considered as one of the landmark case in the country in which DNA evidence and a second autopsy were used to establish the guilt of the convict.

Mr. Shram was serving the life sentence for the past 23-years, now had moved the Delhi High Court for seeking release. He claims that he had maintained law during his life sentence and never had “exemplary” or misused his liberty in prison.

On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court has asked whether a person could be permitted to be kept in prison indefinitely over the accused of murder even he has already served his punishment.

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