Delhi BJP leaders started Hunger strike over Kamal Nath’s involvement in ‘84 Riots” - TNBCLive

On Monday, a Delhi BJP leader has sat on an indefinite hunger strike against the nomination of Kamal Nath as Chief Minister in Madhya Pradesh, accused that he was involved in anti-Sikh riots.

Today, Mr. Nath will take oath as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

A BJP leader Tejinder Pal Singh Bagga has started his hunger strike at West Delhi’s Tilak Nagar where several families were affected in the ‘1984 anti-Sikh riots’.

Protested the Congress decision to choose Kamal Nath for the post of Chief Minister, Mr. Bagga said that “I am sitting on an indefinite hunger strike against Rahul Gandhi’s decision to nominate him as CM. He (Nath) is the same person who was involved in the riots against Sikhs in Delhi.”

Mr. Bagga claims to continue his hunger strike until Mr. Nath is replaced someone else from Congress as Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister.

Mr. Bagga’s protest in the state is supported by most BJP leaders.

BJP leader and opposition leaders in Delhi Assembly Vijendra Gupta accused that the Congress has many times “hurt” sentiments of Sikh community and this time by appointing Kamal Nath as state Chief Minister.

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