Congress: “BJP Pakoda Economic Vision Has Sunk India Economy” - TNBCLive

New Delhi: While targeting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley of resorting to “fraudulent and hurtful jugglery” of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) figures to hide the “enormous body blow” caused by them to the Indian economy.

Randeep Singh Surjewala the Congress Spokesperson has said: “ Failed Modinomics, adding a pakoda economic vision has sunk India’s economy in complete turmoil.” A despotic Prime Minister and pseudo economist Finance Minister have repeatedly caused economic mayhem by the ill-conceived decisions of demonetization, a flawed GST coupled with tax terrorism”

He further mentions “ Faced with an utter and complete rejection of the ‘ voodoo economics’ of Modi and Jaitley duo, they are resorting to hurtful and fraudulent jugglery of GDP figures to hide the enormous body blow caused by them to India’s economy”

Earlier methodology, On Wednesday, this statement comes after the much-awaited back-series estimates for India’s GDP which showed a lower rate of growth.  

Mr. Surjewala also said that “ Congress party had repeatedly pointed out that, when the base year was changed, the government should follow the healthy international practice and revise the numbers for the previous years. We had demanded that the back series of GVA and GDP should be calculated and released so that meaningful comparisons can be made.” He continues “ the back series data as released by National Statistical Commission (NSC) in August 2018 is available in public domain. The numbers prove the dictum that truth cannot be suppressed”

Since independence, the UPA has dispatch the highest scandal decadal.

The Spokesperson also taunts at Modi government and said “ the current ruling government misleads the country by surreptitiously changing the methodology in order to manipulate GDP data. This is called excel sheet management, for example, mislead the result first and filing the marks later. The new methodology is GVA based, which does not take into account tax, subsidies and consequently is extremely flawed to subserve the myopic interests of the ruling government.”

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