Arvind Kejriwal: “PM Must Quit If He Can’t Protect Delhi Chief Minister” - TNBCLive

New Delhi: Recently, the New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resign if he cannot ensure the chief minister’s security, days after a man throw chili powder inside the Delhi secretariat. While having word with party headquarters, Mr. Kejriwal claimed that the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi did much during its three-year rule than what PM Modi did in 12 years.

Mr. Kejriwal further added “ The people of Delhi are proud of their chief minister. I want to ask the people of the country if they feel the same about their prime minister.”

While attacking to the statue of the unity “ Gujarat model” of development the Chief Minister has utter “ I challenge… the AAP government in Delhi did much more than Narendra Modi did in Gujarat in 12 years.”

At the one-day session of Assembly, which was extended by a day, The Chief Minister alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was behind the November 20 attack on him as it was baffled by the good work done by his government.

In the House Mr Kejriwal said “ Narendra Modi should resign if he cannot protect Delhi’s Chief Minister”, which had met discuss the attack on him and the alleged deletion of names from the voters list.

“ I said either you are worthless or colluding” Mr. Kejriwal claimed while referring to a phone call from union Home Minister Rajnath Singh after the incident.

Mr. Kejriwal proclaim that “ if Delhi Police comes under the elected government if Delhi, it will start working for the good of the people”

To bring the Delhi Police under control of the Delhi Government of Delhi, Mr Kejriwal alleged that “ 95 percent policemen were good but they are being made to do wrong things by the BJP”

“In the last three years, four attacks were made on me. These attacks could not happen if I was not the chief minister of Delhi” said Chief Minister of New Delhi referring to the recent attack on him.  

Chief Minister also claimed that “ these attacks are not on me, but on the people of Delhi instead.. Modi ji is taking revenge from Delhiites for voting the AAP to power in the city”

However, the Delhi police interrupt and said that the number of heinous crimes in the national capital had declined this year from last year and it was incorrect to call the city the crime capital.

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