Amid discrepancy over alliance with Congress and others to take on the centre-ruling BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections, on Thursday, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said that the Congress Chief should take decision about the seat-sharing deal with it considering the prevailing situation in the nation, instead of “battling from behind” Delhi unit of his party.

Delhi’s AAP Convenor Gopal Rai said, “The AAP took an ideological decision for an alliance, keeping in view the need to save the democracy and to strengthen the voice of Delhi people in the Lok Sabha, although objections were raised within the party.”

The comments came after Rahul Gandhi in the last morning informed that the Congress’ Delhi unit doesn’t want to form an alliance with AAP.

Mr. Rai continued, “I fell Rahul Gandhi is either not comprehending the national situation or he is unable to make his party organization understand it. Instead of batting from behind his state unit, Rahul should take a decision (on alliance).”

He further said, “Our workers do not want an alliance. Many leaders are personally against it. But, the decision for the alliance was taken in favor of the national interest.”

Delhi Congress Chief Sheila Dikshit on Tuesday after a meeting with Mr. Gandhi has declared that there was concord against forming an alliance with the AAP.

Following the announcement, AAP Chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that there are “rumors” that Congress has a “secret understanding” with BJP and asserted that his party is ready to fight the “unholy” alliance.  

Taking to sources, Mr. Rai exclaimed that its a different issue what Delhi Congress says about the alliance but Mr. Gandhi should take a decision with ‘responsibly’ in this regard, considering the challenges faced by the nation like BJP government’s ‘dictatorship’ at the centre.

He further claims that Lok Sabha Elections is not alone for Delhi but will decide the future of the nation. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of Congress’ National Chief Rahul Gandhi to think over it and accordingly take the decision to the situations faced by the nation, claims Mr. Rai.

“It is Rahul Gandhi’s responsibility to make his state unit understand it,” added Mr. Rai.

Meanwhile, Congress had claimed that nine MLAs of AAP were in touch with it and wanted to change their sides. The remarks came after suspended MLA of AAP and ex-Minister in Kejriwal government, Sandip Kumar has visited Congress office in Delhi to met Sheila Dikshit on Tuesday.

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