Today, the newly-appointed Home Minister Amit Shah has summoned Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik, to talk over the communal clashes in Chandni Chowk. After Sunday’s violence, Hauz Qazi area remains under tension, which started regarding a trouble with parking, leads to destruction of a temple.

After the meeting with Mr. Shah, Mr. Patnaik told the source that “It was a general briefing about the Hauz Qazi incident and how the situation is. The situation is well under control now.”

He continued that four suspects had been detained yet and appropriate action would be taken against all involved in the wrong doing, adding that “we have the CCTV footage. These are a group of criminals… we are analyzing the footage and all those involved will face action.”

A minor is also among those detained over the communal violence. Around thousands of security personnel- CRPF and Delhi Police have been posted in the region amid rising tension. Shops have been closed and residents have arranged a peace march.

On Sunday, a fruit seller Sanjeev Gupta had an argument with Aas Mohammad, who has parked his vehicle outside his residence. After the argument rises, Mr. Aas has brought people of his community with him and attacked Mr. Gupta’s home, who called the state police for help.   

After Mr. Aas was called form the Police Station for interrogation, a group asked for his immediate release. Later, the group has attack a shrine in the neighbouring and also destroyed statues.

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan has gone to the spot on Tuesday claims that “it is very unfortunate and painful. The kind of things done to the temple is unforgivable.”

On Tuesday, BJP lawmaker Gautam Gambhir in a tweet has called for “strict punishment” for the attackers. “Those who attack our place of faith and think they can divide us are wrong. We will not let the religious unity which is deep-rooted in Indian culture be affected by these acts. The attackers should get strict punishment and I appeal to the people of Delhi to maintain peace,” added Mr. Gambhir.

Hits out at the state government, Congress’ Abhishek Manu Singhvi Twitted: “Day 2 of the temple incident and no action yet by Home Minister, Delhi Police under the BJP rules Centre. We know the ruling party doesn’t care about minorities but does it also not care for the sentiments of majority?”

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