On Sunday, a 35-years old mother with her two daughters were burnt to death after their car burst into flames on a flyover at East Delhi’s Akshardham.

The devastating incident took place at 6:30 pm, when the car was on its way towards the famous Akshardham Temple. Initial investigations report that CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) leakage took place at the back of their car, Datsun Go, which led to the flame. Thick black smokes can also be found in the visuals of the burning car.

The victims of the flames were mother Ranjan Mishra, and two of her daughters, Nikki and Ridhi. Mr. Mishra and third daughter have survived the blaze.

As the fire widespread, Upendra Mishra was driving the car had somehow managed to get out of the car quickly with one daughter, who was in the front seat beside him. The dead bodies of Mrs. Mishra and two of their daughters in the back seat were charred beyond recognition.

Deputy Commissioners of Police (East), Jasmeet Singh said that “we will conduct further investigations to figure out the cause. The husband is in a state of shock.”

Mr. Mishra said that he doesn’t even know what has happened and how their car certainly caught fire.

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